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British Museum’s new Tmall shop enjoys immediate success

2018-7-20 10:48:40       view:
The British Museum recently opened an online store on China's e-commerce platform Tmall, competing with the Palace Museum on the platform, which has successfully been selling souvenirs.

The store sells handbags, moon-shaped fans, mobile phone shells and other items with various themes, including the Egyptian pharaoh.

Some of the items were sold out as of press time, including a glass cup with a picture of a mysterious priest that sold for 108 yuan ($16). The website reads, "Replenishment is ongoing, please wait."

The store's customer service staff declined to disclose its sales status to the Global Times on Thursday, noting that newer products from the museum would be made available soon.

Launched on July 1, the store has attracted 79,000 followers, including social media celebrities.

The store generated over 30,000 followers in one day, according to 36Kr, a Chinese technology media platform.

After the Palace Museum sparked heated discussions for its Taobao store and attracted 1.12 million followers, other museums also joined in.

Open for three years, the National Museum of China has 485,000 followers on its platforms, while the Shaanxi History Museum's Taobao store has 3,736.